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This offer expires October 9th, 2019

Step 1 Get the plugin.

Download the lite version for free from, or purchase a premium license.

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Step 2 Configure notifications.

Fatal Error Notify will let you know whenever something on your site breaks.

It will tell you which theme or plugin caused the error, which users were affected, and on what page the error occurred.

Peace of mind

Take the uncertainty out of managing your WordPress sites.
If something goes wrong, we’ll let you know.


Configureable sensitivity

Select which type of alerts you’d like to receive. Get notified for every little bug, or just when your site completely crashes.

Make a quick fix

Error reports include a link to edit the offending file in the plugin / theme editor. Make a quick fix and get your site back online.

Be informed

Access aggregated theme and plugin information on ErrorWire and check for known bugs and plugin conflicts.

Stealth mode Pro

Prevent your clients from disabling or changing settings. Plugin will only be visible to selected administrators.

Auto-deactivate Pro

If an update or new plugin takes the site offline, automatically deactivate it until it can be reviewed.

Slack notifications Pro

Automatically post error messages and debugging information to a Slack channel of your choice.

Logging Pro

Save errors to a database table and search / filter by source and severity. Or export to CSV.

Plugin shield Coming Soon

Prevent installation or updates of plugins with known conflicts (from the ErrorWire database).

Quality reports Coming Soon

See compatibility information, required PHP versions, and frequency of error reports from within the Add Plugins screen.

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After discovering an intermittent critical error during checkout, I set out to find something exactly like this. Who wants to find out there’s a checkout problem from a customer, probably days after it started?

I had tried installing error monitoring and reporting on a VPS but had no luck due to restrictions set by the host. Then I found this! I think I’ll be sleeping much better now.


Information you can act on

Whether it’s by email, Slack, or a custom webhook, Fatal Error Notify gives you the information you need to quickly resolve problems before your customers or clients even notice.

Plans and Pricing

This offer expires October 9th, 2019


  • Email notifications
  • Configurable sensitivity
  • Support forum
Best Value

Lifetime Deal

$ 180
  • All Pro features
  • Dedicated priority support
  • Lifetime updates
  • Unlimited Sites

Lifetime Deal

$ 120
  • All Pro features
  • Dedicated priority support
  • Lifetime updates
  • 5 Sites